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Explore and understand "complex constellations of data" through Explora, our Data Analytics and Cognitive Computing platform. The available technologies are entirely designed and realised by Integris. They are ready for integration in your operations. Explora allows you to gather, store and analyse structured, unstructured and multimedia files for subsequent discovering meaning, rules, trends and hidden correlations and turn them into business operations information. Our platform is equipped with an intuitive interface facilitating a user friendly exploration with easy navigation resulting in deep insights and knowledge. Explora provides Text, Speech, Data and Image modules.

Explora Text is a semantic platform allowing you to gather, analyse and extract knowledge from unstructured data such as news, posts, comments, conversation and generic texts. Automatic text comprehension is provided by our advanced Cognitive Computing technologies which are based on Part-of-Speech tagging, logical analysis, semantic analysis, sentiment analysis combined with descriptive and predictive analytics.
Our platform is highly scalable and easily extensible thanks to the modular structure on which it's based. Main features provided by our platform are:

  • Crawling for Web and Intranet data acquisition
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Semantic Search
  • Information Clustering and Classification

Explora Speech allows you to automatically transcribe spontaneous speech such as phone conversations, audio tracks coming from both audio and video recordings. The transcribed text is then processed by our text analytics modules.
Explora Speech has a proven track record to reach a very high quality of voice recognition thanks to the constant update of the linguistic models and the Speaker Independent approach.
Our technology offers a range of distinctive features:

  • Analytics and Reporting module
  • Batch Transcription of audio and video files
  • Realtime Transcription of streaming audio and video.

Explora Data is built to analyse very large amounts of data stored in any type of storage and format (Database, XML, CSV and log files) for analyses using descriptive and predictive analytics strategies. These can then be integrated in Business Analytic solutions for providing deep insights, decision support up to operational intelligent solutions. Examples are: Customer Intelligence, Behavioural Analysis, Outlier Detection for Fraud Analyses and Prediction, Automatic Process discovery for realtime compliance monitoring.

The integration of sophisticated Image Mining and Visual Analytic algorithms into Explora Image, make it possible to inspect images (at different degrees of resolution) in order to automatically discover shapes, colours, shadows and more. Explora Image is equipped to analyse very large amounts of images to be exploited in various application areas: investigation and detection of tax fraud, identification and correction of cadastral data misalignment, environmental risk prevention and soil protection. Explora Image has a track record in supporting operational processes in decision making.