IT solutions to let you to face the future head-on.

We are nimble, strong and skillful: tailor-made solutions strongly driven by innovation.

 Our digital transformation is data-driven. That’s why we also deal with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: collecting and interpreting data, providing companies with knowledge to better forecast business opportunities and shape a new customer-facing approach.

IT Digital Factory

Digital solutions tailored to your business

A kind of “think-tank” of IT solutions, supported throughout the whole development process. Our professionals can meet all your digital needs to drive you throughout the digital revolution process.

Data Analytics

Data turned into effective solutions

Data-based knowledge is what we provide. Knowledge of the market and its opportunities, not to mention the company itself, its dynamics, its potential and its processes. Data-driven growth paths are what we foster.

Cognitive Solutions

The artificial intelligence leading your future

Data collection and value transformation is what we call innovation. Our Cognitive Computing solutions turn text and voice data into valuable business information.

Explora - Piattaforma data mining

Explore and experience "complex data networks".

Explora is the Data Analytics and Cognitive Computing platform designed and developed by Integris.

Based on easy-to-use, straightforward interface, Explora gathers, understands, interprets and enhances your business data, turning it into a growth asset.


Data mining text

Explora Text is the backend of the Explora platform designed to extract useful information from texts. Explora Text collects data, studying, analyzing and understanding the deeper meaning, making them available to the needs of the company.

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Data mining process

Thanks to the priceless value of data and algorithms, Explora Process reveals how the company actually performs its business processes. This approach allows its improvement, to achieve an outstanding efficiency and productivity rating.

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