The Business Network for Digital Transformation was created on September 10th, 2018. The great challenge we face is to support Italian companies and public administrations through the digital era. Our mission is to take a leading role at national level in supporting Italian companies and the public administration, offering tools and skills for the digital transformation of business processes.

The Network is all Italian, set up on the initiative of Olivetti, and consists of 11 companies, mainly SMEs: AizoOn, BV-Tech, FabbricaDigitale, Idea IT, Integris, Netgroup, Regola, Servizi Speciali, Sistemia, Webgenesys.

The Network covers the entire national territory thanks to the widespread presence of its companies, strongly rooted in the area and with wide-ranging skills to meet every need for digital transformation. Being digital is now a must, an essential factor for companies which must challenge the market but also, and perhaps even more so, for public administrations which must innovate and, above all, comply with the requirements of communication, providing services to citizens in new, easy and digital ways.

Transferring business solutions to the cloud, virtualizing and/or revising such solutions into a new full-digital dimension, using BI on existing data, collecting and managing big data and mining insights that provide a competitive advantage on the market, acquiring an Industry 4.0 environment combining efficiency and tax benefits, moving from routine maintenance to predictive maintenance and significantly reducing costs and production downtime are just few of the skills and expertise offered by the network with the commitment of best of breed technologies.


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