There is a growing demand from companies to analyze their data, to understand them.

We are asked for suggestions on future approaches. Our reply is our core expertise: we know how to acquire unstructured data, in text and voice form, and turn them into useful information. We consider Cognitive Solutions and Natural Language Processing to be a sound opportunity to face tomorrow’s challenges.

Skills and Use cases

Never-Ending Opportunities

Turning data into opportunities: that’s our idea of innovation. This is because we know the data, we link them up and discover synergies the human eye cannot perceive. Explora Text and Explora Speech platforms serve this purpose: turning text and voice data into tangible value, to grow or create products and services on.

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Cognitive solutions - chatbot

Chatbot | Robo Advisor

Chatsbots, virtual assistants and Robo Advisors are among the countless options empowered by our technologies, mainly in Finance, offering users conversations based on shared lexical domains.

Cognitive solutions - sentiment analytics

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis allows the Explora platform to pull out the emotions related to text and voice data. The endless cases of use include measuring the effectiveness of customer care activities.

Cognitive solutions - web monitoring

Media | Web Monitoring

Explora Text is the tool for companies to monitor the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Analyzing conversations from different sources (web, social), we can assess their potential impact on prospects.

Integris Solutions

Data mining text

Explora Text captures textual data to understand the meaning, trends and links, delivering outcomes to the company.

The perfect solution for a number of needs: checking the company’s reputation from conversations on the web and social networks, measuring the effectiveness of a communication campaign, the efficiency of customer care, competitors’ activities and all those cases where textual data can be used to generate useful knowledge for company strategies.

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Cognitive enterprise – Voce

Explora Speech interprets speech, transcribes audio and extracts essential information for business purposes.

Ranging from just transcribing a dialogue to mining useful information. Analysis of recorded or real-time content to learn about the company, its products, the effectiveness of its activities and its competitors. Explora Speech supports a variety of analyses, from monitoring radio and TV sources to Sentiment Analysis and Automatic Speech Recognition.

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Average Growth
The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of AI and cognitive computing investments up to 2022
AI investments
In 2018, an estimated $24 billion was invested globally in AI and cognitive computing solutions.
NLP Growth
Natural Language Processing solutions market will grow with a 11.7% CAGR up to 2026

Cognitive solutions, a sparkling future

Numbers talk straight: Cognitive services are an essential tool for companies to base their future success on.


To whom we look to

Getting knowledge and useful information from data is a must-have for any company willing to keep up-to-date and, above all, not give in to its competitors. We can create value for any business function.

Innovation manager e cognitive solutions

Innovation Manager

While Cloud platforms empowered Innovation Managers and CTOs to bring strong innovation without having to modify IT architectures, now Cognitive Solutions further reduces the risk of triggering changes with no confidence in results. Suitable predictive models can assess the impact of any digital transformation project.

CEO e cognitive solutions

Chief Executive Officer

Leading a company into a sparkling future is the first concern of every CEO. That’s why understanding the outstanding effects of AI on the efficiency and productivity of the company is a milestone for future success and, in the midst of major economic and technological challenges, will become increasingly vital.

Marketing e cognitive solutions

Chief Marketing Officer

Forecasting market trends gives marketing the opportunity to be ahead of the competition and customers’ expectations. Cognitive Solutions means setting up promotional campaigns no longer waiting for a need to arise, but rather foreseeing it.


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