Our core business is Information Technology. We provide companies with IT solutions to streamline digital transformation processes. Being a nimble and dynamic company, we are strongly focused on innovation. A consolidated experience as a Digital Factory and R&D investments gave us a sound footing for being now considered as an Innovative SME. Alongside the implementation of IT solutions and System Integration, we provide advanced platforms of Big Data Analytics and Cognitive Computing for companies willing to turn their data into knowledge, and then knowledge into tangible value.

Data Driven Digital Transformation

From Digital Transformation to Artificial Intelligence, we offer our customers new and innovative solutions to turn data into information and knowledge supporting decision-making via a data-driven approach.

Explora, our Data Analytics and Cognitive Computing platform collects, interprets and retrieves useful data for business needs. Through data-based decisions, we let our customers be more productive, more efficient, more robust vis-à-vis their competitors.

Our offices are in Rome, Pisa, Rende and Milan. More about our activities on the Innovation Lab page.


Us, in figures

Our mission

Integris for social

Integris has always been committed to social activities.

Fostering distance adoption with Save the Children, which provides immediate aid to communities in need and relief for families and children affected by disasters and natural catastrophes, conflicts and wars.

Oltre la trasformazione digitale - Integris con Save the Children

The “Lega del Filo d’Oro” offers an important commitment in favour of deaf-blind and sensory multi-minor people. Integris is a proud supporter.

Oltre la trasformazione digitale - Integris con la Lega del filo d’oro

Fostering the mission of Telethon Foundation in furthering research towards the treatment of rare genetic diseases.

Oltre la trasformazione digitale - Integris con Telethon


We are committed to making companies and institutions more efficient, sustainable and cutting-edge. We are always seeking to make our activities eco-friendly.

Integris has chosen Centro Direzionale Forti, at the forefront in green building, for its headquarters in Pisa. The offices are in A4-class, the most energy-efficient.


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