Not just Data Analytics but data-driven knowledge

A deep and careful analysis and interpretation of data allows companies to better predict new business opportunities, shaping an entirely new approach to customers, offering customized products or services.

Skills and Fields

Our solutions

By analyzing, listening and understanding data, we provide solutions for companies willing to be more efficient and profitable. Process Mining platforms such as Explora Process analyze mechanisms underlying processes, highlighting slowdowns and opportunities to boost business performance.

data analytics finance


Through our services, we provide Financial Institutions with tools to streamline in-house processes and Digital Customer Experience solutions. Our technologies leverage cutting-edge asset and investment management.

data analytics telco


Our solutions are designed to tailor the customer experience, identify customer choices and optimize digital processes. We provide companies with tools for network and service predictive analysis.

data analytics insurance


Thanks to the use of our in-house technologies, we can optimize processes, develop new products and customise existing ones. Moreover, predictive analysis means having a strong focus on fraud indicators.

data analytics manufacturing


Data and process analysis can improve production and detect “choke points”. We can empower 4.0 technologies such as predictive machinery maintenance.

Integris Solutions

Data mining process

Thanks to the analysis of the “digital shadow” of each process, every company is led towards self-awareness, its strengths but also its limits, offering them the tools to detect and overcome these limits.

Explora Process is the Integris platform of Process Mining, a tool for analyzing, representing and evaluating each business process to maximize its efficiency.

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43% of Italian CIOs are ready to investe in Data Analytics
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17% of Italian companies have chosen integrated platforms
33% is the annual growth rate of the global market by 2021

A booming market

Data gives companies an in-depth understanding of their market and resources, the efficiency of their procedures and the critical issues to be addressed and overcome. A correct strategy turns heterogeneous data into value and competitive edges.


Who needs Data Analytics

Getting knowledge and useful information from data is a must for any company willing to keep up with the trends and, above all, not give in to competitors. We can generate value for any business function.

CEO e cognitive solutions

Chief Executive Officer

Data help making a sound choice, or change a mind if the facts prove an intuition to be wrong. Above all, data means a path can be outlined and changed if new elements arise with negative or positive impacts.

Chief Financial Officer

Always looking for opportunities to create value, the CFO finds in Explora Process a precious partner. Understanding how processes work and identifying wasteful elements is the key to success.

Innovation manager e cognitive solutions

Innovation Manager

Explora Process makes it easier to bring innovation to your business. New procedures are often introduced just out of the result of the inefficiencies detected by the Process Mining platform on the existing ones.


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