Why IamOK

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Work Safely

The COVID19 emergency has imposed new regulations and protocols for safety and health in the workplace.

IamOK is the solution that allows you to immediately comply with these commands while also managing additional security measures, in order to adapt quickly to any context and work environment and to promptly manage and accommodate any sudden regulation changes.

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Respect Health

Respecting the health of employees, collaborators, suppliers and visitors involves the management of complex and articulated control processes, which may vary over time.

Moreover, it requires solutions that simplify the operation of such processes, allowing responsible managers to focus on defining policies, resting confident that they can count on their swift application.
IamOK is the solution.

contact tracing per aziende - salute

Respect Privacy

Technology can and should be used to improve the way people work and live. But with the utmost respect for Privacy.

IamOK has been designed and realized with absolute attention to respect for personal data, to guarantee the highest levels of confidentiality. For this reason, devices are identified using an anonymous digital ID and a special profiling functionality is provided for the management of security access to the reporting dashboards.

This is how IamOK is built

The administration and configuration interface allows you to customize the application according to your needs (functionalities to be activated on the APP, synchronization rules, updating of forms in response to regulatory changes, setting of privacy policies and management of profiling and security, etc.). Moreover, based on the configuration made, IamOK provides an advanced analytics dashboard, which can be consulted on basis of the profiling settings.

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contact tracing per aziende - desktop

APP with a simple and intuitive interface, which also allows interaction through dictation.

IamOK Versions

contact tracing per aziende - IamOK

Version aimed at supporting country systems (authorities, state institutions in charge) in limiting the spread of the virus

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contact tracing per aziende - IamOK corporate

Version for businesses, of any size, which allows the monitoring of health and safety in the workplace

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Locations in the World
Offices, production plants, etc.
In Italy

IamOK is already at work

IamOK already has a significant reference: a multinational company that uses a customized version to manage access to its offices in compliance with safety protocol dictated by the current emergency.

How does IamOK work

To obtain a very precise distance detection, which as much as possible eliminates false positioning, IamOK only uses data that is normally collected by smartphones / devices, and transforms the data into precious and secure information through triangulation calculation algorithms. Respecting the Privacy.

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Social Distancing

IamOK detects a very precise distance measurement between devices thanks to the use of not only Bluetooth but also of Mobile Radio, GPS and Wi-Fi. This is also valid for indoor contexts thanks to Bluetooth beacon technology.

When needed, IamOK allows you to:

  • Identify the User IDs at risk of contagion
  • Send messages to User IDs (Push Notification)
  • Promptly identify and limit the risk of an hotbeds (Social Networks / Contact Tracing)
  • Detect and monitor density and social distance in indoor contexts
  • Identify areas at risk of contagion, and which areas need to be sanitized
  • Identify “patient 0”
contact tracing per aziende - privacy


The APP uses a completely anonymous user ID. In business contexts, and only upon acceptance of the data treatment and processing, it will be possible to use the association between user ID and personal data only and exclusively for the purposes and in the manner permitted by laws and regulations.

  • Data collection configurable only for users who have consented to the processing of data
  • The quantity of and duration for data to be archived is completely configurable
  • Sensitive data are not detected (Social / MSISDN / IMEI / IMSI / e-mail configuration)
  • It is possible to configure the application:
    • To not store data
    • To keep data only on individual devices OR only centrally
    • To keep data BOTH on the individual devices and centrally

What IamOK does

IamOK allows you to manage access to offices and plants in full compliance with health protocols.

  • Health Status Declarations Management with temperature control (based on self-certification or on-site measurement)
  • Management of access to locations and workplaces (offices, plants, production sites, etc.) for employees, collaborators, suppliers, visitors, service providers
  • Management of authorizations for employees to enter external offices or other offices (for example client’s or supplier’s locations)
  • Sharing relevant information by office / site unit
  • Social Distance control and monitoring also in indoor contexts (where applicable) via bluetooth beacons (shared spaces, meeting areas, conference centers, etc.)
  • Possibility to configure, download and share modules (e.g. travel and transfer authorizations)
  • Push Notification Service to send messages to the APP User IDs, selected on the basis of contagion information and by type of user or by location, etc.
  • Monitoring of risks for a specific area / office through consultation of the overall statistical data
  • Profiling Management (employees, collaborators, site/office managers, Administrators, RSPP / RLS, etc.)
  • Flexible and quickly adaptable, to promptly manage changes in laws and regulations (e.g. variation in minimum safety distances for social distancing)
  • Complete customization of the management of roles and profiles by site / location
  • Centralized logic of customization through configuration (the configurations are applied centrally by the managers and immediately received by the users of the APP, without requiring the distribution of updates on the devices)
  • Possibility of integration / connection with external systems for interoperability purposes (e.g. access turnstile/gate management and badge reading)
  • Easily adaptable for managing emergencies, not exclusively related to COVID19
  • Possibility of integration with intelligent sensors for air quality analysis and detection of the presence of fine dust (PM2.5 and PM10)

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