We have always been engaged in the design and implementation of IT solutions.

Our customers rely on a team of professionals ready to address any digital needs of your company.

Furthermore, thanks to our close interaction with the main technology vendors, as System Integrator we provide a wide range of use cases and applications.

Why Integris

Start-up nimbleness,
top player expertise

Long-standing expertise and a strong hardware and software know-how turn Integris into the best solution to support companies in the digital transformation process. Our ICT services include IT solutions, system integration, software maintenance and support activities.


A strong investment in talent and training, with a team of over 200 IT professionals, boasting a wide range, each with its own skills.


Our solutions focus on quality first-hand, quickly getting the job done. The customer’s needs are carefully assessed so as to create tailor-made solutions.


Our structure caters for a broad range of projects, ensuring each of them is worthy managed.

We work together with leading players in Digital Transformation: Microsoft, IBM, Hitachi, RTD-Olivetti.
Technology Vendor
Companies whose solutions and technological platforms support our System Integration services.
Major projects
More than 50 projects for the digital transformation of large companies have been implemented so far.

IT Solutions & System Integration

Our entire process of developing and implementation of digital solutions for businesses is managed by us.
Through the development of IT solutions based on resources, expertise and in-house technologies, we can develop, as System Integrator, solutions on the main market technologies, also thanks to partnerships with IBM, Microsoft and Hitachi.


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