Explora is the Cognitive Computing and Data Analytics platform designed and developed by Integris.

Based on a user-friendly interface, Explora collects, understands and enhances business data, turning them into growth paths.

Explora provides companies with knowledge to support decision-making, improve in-house and external processes, discover market opinion and sentiment about their products and much more


Semantics for decision-making

Explora Text is the module of the Explora platform for interpreting and extracting knowledge from text data.Explora Text collects, analyses and understands the deep meaning of any texts, making them available to the needs of companies.

The applications are manifold: Sentiment Analysis, Information Extraction, Competitive Intelligence, Social Listening and much more. Explora Text is the perfect tool for those eager to improve brand reputation, assess public appreciation for products, intercept new market trends and compare the effectiveness of marketing efforts with those of competitors, as it can assess the sentiment of online conversations on companies, products and specific topics.

What is

Integris platform for Cognitive Computing generating knowledge from text-based, unstructured data. Thanks to the information gathered by Explora Text, companies can develop highly effective strategies and rely on faster decision-making processes.


Explora Text gathers information otherwise not accessible and makes it available to the company, which can better understand the market, products, competitors and customers, along with their habits and needs.

The most natural interaction tool: the voice

Explora Speech is the Integris platform that automatically transcribes and retrieves information from speech. Explora Speech can handle telephone conversations, a variety of audio tracks and even audio-visual content.

Outstanding features are real-time transcription, exceptional reliability, ease of use, support for several languages and automatic retrieval of relevant terms, keywords, metadata and information according to the specific use. The text, once transcribed, can be processed by Explora Text to gather further information useful to the corporate activity.

What is

Explora Speech can listen to, analyze and transcribe voice content, even in real time; yet its purpose is well beyond the pure speech detection: the aim is “mining” knowledge from conversations, thus supporting companies in decision-making processes, market knowledge and in developing new products and services.


Explora Speech is suitable for many applications. It gives, for example, broadcasters and agencies the possibility to subtitle television broadcasts, or to any company to assess the effectiveness of its call center. The platform can also draw, always in real-time, terms and keywords from multimedia content identifying key concepts for business.

Find out your corporate performance. Now improve it

Thanks to the priceless value of data and algorithms, Explora Process unveils how the company actually executes its business. Now you can improve it.

Explora Process has the highest level of analytical capability to identify process inefficiencies affecting process costs, time, quality and risk, providing the company with the tools to solve issues and improve efficiency and productivity. Explora Process furthermore verifies the compliance of company processes with current legislation and internal procedures, quickly and safely identifying where any discrepancies occur.

What is

Process Mining platforms support companies to be more efficient and organized. Thanks to the analysis of the logs generated by the company systems, it is possible to understand whether some in-house or external process is not optimized, not well managed and whether it could be modified to improve the overall productivity.


Fine-tuning in-house and external procedures is a paramount challenge for any business. Explora Process provides “hands-on” knowledge, drawn from the actual application of the processes, and allows for intervention making the right decisions supported by the data.


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